The EU Skype Challenge

How great an experience is it to teach your peers in another EU country a message in your own language? As fast as you can!
In 2016 and 2017 the EU Skype Challenge was a big success in 5 countries, this year we hope it will be played in many more.

What is the challenge?
You play in small groups of 3 till 5 children in the same age range. 
Groups will be formed by the teacher. Every group will receive a short message in their own language.
As a group you will be competing with a group of the same age, but in a different country. They also receive a short message in their own language.

So now you have 2 groups of children, in 2 different countries, speaking 2 different languages.
The challenge is to teach each other your received message via Skype, as fast as you can! Challenging isn’t it?

How can you participate?
Step 1: Your teacher will register you before the 7th of September 2018  on this website
Step 2: Your teacher will receive a message and will get the name of the school that you will be playing the Challenge with by email. The difficulty of the message depends on your age.
Step 3: Contact your challenge school and decide on a time that the Skype Challenge will take place on the 26th of September
Step 4: Send an e-mail to and let us know the time and date, so we can send Flying Inspectors. They’re supporting this challenge and will check if the Challenge is carried out correctly and recorded in a professional way.

How and when will be decided which school is the Winner of the EU Skype Challenge 2018?
Winners will be announced in October 2018.
Every message will be recorded via Skype and sent to the EU Speaks office in Roosendaal.

A special committee of people will view the recordings together with the filled in timesheet.
Based on the fastest time and the best pronunciation, they will decide which school can call themselves the winner of The EU Skype Challenge 2018!

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